Lean Hog Charts Showing Planetary Angle Lines, Time Cycles & Price Targets

Below is a daily December hogs chart showing planetary angle lines. I used a price per degree of .073. Saturn is support at 73.50. The middle Neptune crosses at 77.80 and is resistance. The middle Uranus crosses at 81.05. The upper Jupiter crosses at 98.15 and the upper Saturn crosses at 99.90.

Below is a daily December lean hogs chart showing 360 calendar day time & price cycle. I used a price per day ratio of .15. Measuring 360 calendar days from the 8/9/18 low of 43.80 at a ratio of .15 per day, December lean hogs have a time and price meet due 8/4/19 with a target price of 97.80. Resistance is at the 2/3rds division point in price of 79.80 and support is at the mid point in price of 70.80. Then next division point in time is on 6/20/19. These division points in time can sometimes mark changes in trend.

The following link is to a short video of December lean hog charts. There are two Gann style charts. The first is a planetary chart showing planetary angle lines. The second chart is a time and price chart showing the cycle of 360 calendar days.


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